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The use of lightweight and durable Magnelis® steel allows for the use of many different solutions. We deal with both the construction of residential and farm buildings, as well as the expansion of existing structures.

Precision of workmanship, low price, ecology

Residential construction

We mainly design and erect residential buildings.
The standard offer includes:

Single-Family House

Modern frame houses can be both single-story and multi-story. Precise design and quality of the components used allow us to perform personalized solutions.

A small holiday house with an area of 32 m2

If you want to put a small house on your plot, steel frames will be an excellent choice. The construction is created quickly and its body will be durable and resistant to external factors.

A small house on a trailer

We can also design a mobile home on a trailer for you, which you can take with you on your dream outdoor vacation. Enjoy the adjustment of individual solutions to size, equip the interior as you want, and don’t go with the flow.

Townhouse Construction

Houses made of steel structures will also work well in a development estate. Thanks to modern, effective and energy-saving solutions, you will attract clients and the entire investment will be carried out in no time.


Using Magnelis® steel, we can also design a garage (free-standing or in the form of an extension). It will be much cheaper than its brick counterpart, and the use of high-quality components means that even in winter you will not have to worry about the low energy efficiency of the utility room.

Hybrid construction

Our projects also include elements of hybrid construction, i.e. combining classic brick or wooden solutions with modern steel frames. It can be, for example:


Steel frame structures allow for the expansion of existing construction with new elements. The solutions we offer, allow you to easily add a fragment of the building without the need for costly and long-term adaptation, and repair works.

Additional Storey

The combination of lightness and strength of steel frames makes them suitable for creating multi-story structures. The materials we use make it possible to build even three-story storeys. And all this done quickly, cheaply and safely.


Our steel frames can also be used to produce small structural elements, such as stairs. Galvanized sections will not only strengthen the existing construction, but also bring a bit of modernity into your home.


Roof truss repair can be very costly and time-consuming. See how much easier and cheaper it is to replace it with a new one, entirely made of durable steel panels.


Other uses of steel frames

Lightweight steel frames are an excellent material if you plan to invest in renewable energy sources. Sections are perfect for brackets for photovoltaic panels.

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I'm an architect

– I care about the accurate plan of the building and the possibility of flexible design.

I manage a development company

– I want to attract clients with an offer other than the competition, but I also care about the durability and strength of buildings.

I run a construction company

– I focus on quality, efficiency and short lead time.

I'm a private investor

– I’m planning to build a house that will last for many years and won’t cost a fortune.