What do we use for the construction of steel frame buildings?

All steel structures are made of Arcelor Mittal – Magnelis® (type S355GD or S550GD).

It is an extremely lightweight and durable type of steel, which allows obtaining a strong structure with high utility parameters. The frame houses we build can last over 100 years without changing their functional qualities. The manufacturer itself covers the steel elements with a long-term warranty. All fragments are galvanized and covered with a rust protection coating that regenerates at the site of damage.


Perfectly matched elements

Due to the use of an extremely precise method for production of metal fragments (cutting and bending is carried out with the help of CNC machines, which allows you to keep accuracy up to 0.5 mm), they are perfectly matched. The frame does not warp and does not settle even after years of use, and the building maintains good insulation properties and a favorable indoor climate.
The use of durable Magnelis® steel allows adjusting the project to the intentions of the client. Nothing prevents the building from having several floors. It will also be possible to use bold architectural solutions, which in the case of traditional methods would be problematic.


Sustainable production process

We know that for many people it is of great importance not only to be energy efficient and the passive nature of the house, but also being in harmony with the ecology. We guarantee that the buildings erected by StabiFrame are optimized in terms of the use of resources, the production process is sustainable, economical and takes into account recycled raw materials.

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Material Quality and Certificates

Steel elements manufactured by us have the necessary certificates in terms of compliance with building regulations, PN-EN and ISO standards. The frames are fireproof, resistant to lightning strikes and do not cause interference and shielding of radio and electromagnetic waves. Steel structures are grounded, so they remain safe for the health and life of the users.

Production Automation

Fast Execution

Due to the automation of the production process, we know that the elements delivered to the construction site will always fit together. You do not have to worry about delays in the implementation of investments and endless corrections. The steel frame assembly is intuitive and quick.


What do you gain by choosing
a house in a steel frame structure?
Above all:


guarantee of durability and strength of the construction


high thermal efficiency


quick construction


the possibility of adapting the construction to the needs

Steel framed constructions have been widely used in the United States and Australia since the middle of the last century and their reputation still increases. Our company successfully develops and implements these solutions in Europe and beyond. See for yourself that you should use our experience.

How can we help you?

I'm an architect

– I care about the accurate plan of the building and the possibility of flexible design.

I manage a development company

– I want to attract clients with an offer other than the competition, but I also care about the durability and strength of buildings.

I run a construction company

– I focus on quality, efficiency and short lead time.

I'm a private investor

– I’m planning to build a house that will last for many years and won’t cost a fortune.