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We guarantee that the technology we use is universal.

Whether you want to build a new house from scratch, or are looking for a way to expand an existing structure, or if you need a garage – StabiFrame lightweight construction is the perfect choice. We make single-family houses, summer houses with an area of 35 m2, year-round Dutch houses and mobile construction on a trailer. We also deal with hybrid construction, extension of facilities and addition of elements to existing buildings.

Precision of workmanship, low price, ecology


Choose flexibility and durability

The great advantage of modular construction is the possibility of a wide configuration of sizes and curvatures of the body based on steel sections. Houses made of Magnelis® steel are durable and can be designed up to three storeys high, with a complement in the form of a basement. This type of steel used is characterized by durability, resistance to corrosion and rust as well as weather conditions. We are proud to say that our constructions can last more than 100 years without any significant change in their performance parameters. That is much longer than you would expect from many brick or wooden structures.


Broad possibilities

The methods of joining the StabiFrame steel frame allow the use of large spans. This means that the house can be designed without load-bearing walls, which gives a wide range of possibilities of modification at a later stage.
Research conducted by the Australian CSIRO agency, which specializes in conducting research on the areas such as the construction industry, has shown that steel houses are extremely quiet (there were much less reports than in the case of traditional construction), and the construction itself is not susceptible to thermally induced movement. This means that over the years, the frame elements will not warp, settle down, and no cracks will appear on the plasters and cornices.


Bet on professionalism

The StabiFrame team consists of people with passion and experience. You will find among us both qualified engineers and a professional production team. We have a lot in common, but above all it is a broad look into the future. Thanks to this, you get the highest quality steel frames available on the market and save time and money. Due to cooperation with a network of construction companies, we provide comprehensive service for each investment.


Are you wondering what else distinguishes a steel house? We can answer that:



steel construction is fireproof, does not interfere with the use of wireless communication (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), and at the same time is energy-efficient



our frames are completely fungus- and rot-proof



construction quickly seal during assembly, minimizing the risk of dampness of the interior

If you are looking for an innovative method that is the future of construction, take a look at our offer.

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I'm an architect

– I care about the accurate plan of the building and the possibility of flexible design.

I manage a development company

– I want to attract clients with an offer other than the competition, but I also care about the durability and strength of buildings.

I run a construction company

– I focus on quality, efficiency and short lead time.

I'm a private investor

– I’m planning to build a house that will last for many years and won’t cost a fortune.