Meet your client's expectations

We know that the client's requirements can sometimes make the hair stand on end.

If we add to this the requirements for the provisions of the construction law and constantly changing regulations, as well as the rigors of health and safety and fire protection, it gets difficult. And, let’s not forget about aesthetics and care for the environment. Thanks to the lightweight steel structures offered by StabiFrame, you will cope with any challenge.

Precision of workmanship, low price, ecology.


Why choose StabiFrame?

StabiFrame steel frame structure provides architectural and design flexibility. Does your client need a two-story house? Or maybe he expects a basement construction? No problem!  The components we use allow us to design much more. It doesn’t matter if you have your own 3D project or if we make it for you  – stractions of the steel building are so accurate that you can coordinate several stages of work at the same time  – from roofing planning, through electrical, plumbing and gas installations, to paneling.


Preview of the entire plan

Frame houses are made of galvanized cold-formed steel profiles, including channel bars, Z-bars and T-bars. Precise manufacturing using a punching machine and their machine bending guarantees accurate adhesion of elements, ease of assembly and repair of individual fragments. An important advantage of this type of building is the low weight of the construction, which is why these types of buildings can be erected on direct or indirect foundations, and the construction is limited to joining together previously prepared panels. For the investor, this means less stress, lower costs and shorter investment lead times.


What if your client has an extremely demanding order?

In classical construction, the creation of unusual geometric forms, soaring towers and domes is associated with a large amount of work on the part of the architect. Steel structures, however, offer much greater freedom and design flexibility. The steel we use is so durable that you can design large arc spans and wide curves without any worries.
We guarantee that the entire structure will be durable and completely safe. For the production of prefabricated elements we use precise alphanumeric machines that will prepare each profile with an accuracy of tenths of a millimeter. Any construction team will be able to cope with the correct combination of such elements. And you will not have to call the customer immediately after the construction is completed to ask if it’s still standing. No worries. We have checked this many times.


Are you still hesitating? Check our offer:



very high design flexibility and the ability to implement bold intentions



multifunctional mounting frames and modular structures


No limitations

unique hybrid system for connection to existing buildings



quick delivery and assembly

Do you think that designing always goes hand in hand with a dissatisfied client for whom you keep changing the design?
Bet on StabiFrame. You'll be surprised how quickly and accurately you will complete the order.

How can we help you?

I'm an architect

– I care about the accurate plan of the building and the possibility of flexible design.

I manage a development company

– I want to attract clients with an offer other than the competition, but I also care about the durability and strength of buildings.

I run a construction company

– I focus on quality, efficiency and short lead time.

I'm a private investor

– I’m planning to build a house that will last for many years and won’t cost a fortune.